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Books by Terry Megli

  • Two Stitches and a Patch: Overcoming Grief through the Power of Faith

    We are witnessing a crisis in the Christian community of unresolved grief and pain. Not acknowledging the truth of death holds us back from fully enjoying the divine gifts of hope and happiness.


    If anyone can model the ability to live with joy after life, it’s Job. Two Stitches and a Patch builds on the seven movements of Job’s restored happiness while filling in the pieces of the divine action physics that leads to life after death.


    Build confidence by leaning in and listening to those who are at the end of life, and reboot your life in the embrace of the changes that create a life well lived.

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Dr. Megli has more than thirty years in ministry leadership, including pastoring. He is currently CEO of a large rescue ministry. His multidisciplinary background in business combined with his passion has inspired others to live in faith. During his twenty-four years of Christian counseling in recovery and grief work, Dr. Megli served as adjunct professor for seven years in counseling and leadership development for Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He has also served as the dissertation chairperson for doctoral candidates. Dr. Megli is currently featured on multiple TV and radio shows, advocating for the poor and homeless of Kansas City.