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Books by Steve Blakeman

  • Billy Bullshit Talks Business

    In a nutshell? Billy talks total bullsh*t at work and this book makes sense of it. Kapish?

    Billy Bullshit is a self-proclamined marketing genius. In his role as ‘Chief Guru of Imagineering” he only ever talks using the latest buzzwords, business idioms and bullshit phrases. Pop that in your mental microwave and see how it defrosts!

    We see Billy in 52 hilarious business scenarios—on a conference call, giving a speech at a conference, running a brainstorming session, etc. This ladders up the cliched business speak, takes it to the next level and knocks it out of the ballpark. Boom!

    Do you know someone like Billy in your office? Maybe you even see a little bit of Billy in yourself? Either way Billy Bullshit is going to make you laugh and cringe in equal measure. And that’s no bullshit.


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Writing has always been a passion of mine but has become an obsession over the past few years. I have used the LinkedIn Publishing platform to grow an audience and I now have over 300,000 Followers. I have been named as a 'Top 10 Writer on LinkedIn' for the past 4 years with articles that have been picked up and republished by the likes of Business Insider, Inc.com and Yahoo Finance plus quoted in books such as The Digital Detectives. The articles I write are regularly featured as Editor's Picks on LinkedIn and have had views as over a million for some pieces. On the back of the LinkedIn accolade, I wrote 'How to be a Top 10 Writer on LinkedIn' which has sales/downloads of nearly 6000 copies since its launch in April 2016. After 30+ years in advertising (an industry which thrives on a steady diet of BS and has more than its fair share of Billy's) I thought I had heard all the bullshit phrases that had ever been uttered. From the 'ask' to 'zero sum game' and all points in-between. However, after co-writing this book, I finally realised one thing-I had barely even seen the 'tip of the iceberg' . . .