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Books by Sid Anandkumar

  • Fixing Jaw Pain: The Ultimate Self-Help Guide Towards TMJ Recovery; Learn Simple Treatments and Take Charge of Your Pain

    Fixing Jaw Pain is a self-help guide designed for people suffering from issues with their temporomandibular joint (TMJ) or jaw joint. Some common symptoms include jaw pain, facial pain, clicking, locking, reduced opening or closing of your mouth, stiffness, headaches, ear pain, ringing in your ears, tooth pain, grinding, and clenching. This can affect daily activities like talking, eating, yawning, chewing, sleeping, physical intimacy, and driving. Does this sound familiar? Are you the one in twenty-five who suffers from this condition? Look no further!

    Fixing Jaw Pain offers you simple tools (like exercise, self-massage techniques, and relaxation and coping strategies) to help with your problems. Each chapter has worksheets that build upon the information as you go. Learn powerful techniques to treat yourself. Take charge of your pain, and kick-start your healing today!


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Sid is an author and a registered physical therapist working in private practice in British Columbia, Canada. He gave a TEDx talk titled Low back pain-myths vs facts in 2018 and is the recipient of the 2019 Physiotherapy Association of British Columbia award of excellence for clinical contribution. Sid passed his master's program in India in 2013 with a gold medal and distinction and has published many research articles in international peer-reviewed journals. In his free time, Sid loves to run, hike, paint, sing classical Indian music, write poetry, and laze in bed with a book. www.physiobysid.com