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Books by Shirley Nesbit Sellers

  • Just Across the Sound

    In 1860, amid rumors of war, Sarah Eliza Mott, a teacher and only sister to five younger brothers, ceases to wonder what her own fu­ture holds when she accompanies her father to Roanoke Island, North Caro­lina, to investigate a shipwreck. With her thoughts dwelling heavily upon the abolition movement which she has just encountered on Long Island during the summer, she meets U.S. mailboat operator and Southern planter Lewis Sheldon Mann and his family and falls in love.

    Throughout her visit, her thoughts dwell heavily on the abolition move­ment. In turn, Lewis faces a war that keeps him from following his heart as his Island is conquered and held throughout a long war, keeping the lovers apart, yet finally being the cause of reuniting them.

    JUST ACROSS THE SOUND is a true story of three cities and the effect the Civil War had upon the lives of two families–separating them, yet bind­ing them together.

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Shirley Nesbit Sellers was born Shirley Mann Smith in 1926 in Norfolk, Virginia. A retired Norfolk public schoolteacher, she holds B.S. and M.S. degrees from Old Dominion University. Her poetry has been widely published in The Poetry Society of Vir­ginia’s anthologies and she has won many awards in the Society’s yearly contests and in the Norfolk Chrysler Museum’s Irene Leach Memorial Contests, and others. A chapbook, Where the Gulls Nest, Norfolk Poems, was published by Road Publishers, Painter, Virginia, and her 1993 manuscript of poetry, <em?Winds from the Bay, was awarded second place in the 1997 National Federation of State Poetry Societies Manuscript Contest. Her short stories have also been published. She has been an active storyteller for children throughout her life. Just Across the Sound is her first novel. She has two living children (and one deceased), five grandchildren and one great-grandchild. She resides in Norfolk where she remains active in writing.