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Books by Shelia Kirkbride, MS

  • F*ck Yeah: Get Real With Strong Language

    A strategic guide to understanding your personal beliefs.

    Have you ever wondered why so many people use strong language in private, but in public deny using it? What is it about strong language that prevents people from using it in a natural way? F*ck Yeah! Get Real With Strong Language uses the subject of strong language to powerfully challenge your personal values. It equips you with tools for self-exploration to support emotional growth, and will inspire you to live a more empowered life. Prepare to think creatively about how you want to live your life based on a value system that you can define, and live your life more fully. This book is about so much more than just “why” people use strong language. It will help you discover your uniqueness, question your adopted values, understand your emotions and will help aid you in developing a core set of values that align with your life in a way that you can embrace.


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As founder and executive director of the Warrior Research Foundation, Ms. Shelia Kirkbride is responsible for developing and implementing innovative programs and services and for providing advocacy and support programs to veterans and their family members. To maintain high organizational standards and to best serve the foundation's clients, Mrs. Kirkbride assesses and monitors the program objectives and maintains transparency with the public and those served by the foundation. She also oversees and coordinates budgeting and financial management. In addition to her work with the foundation, Ms. Kirkbride has held many roles with the various organizations that she has founded or co-founded. She founded AIC Corporation, which provides effective solutions for the transporting and monitoring of blood, vaccines, organs, and medical-support products. Further, as a founder of Natural Health Solutions, she represented a diverse team of health professionals, with more than forty years of experience, who share a passion for disease prevention and wellness. Ms. Kirkbride co-founded ACSS Transitions and is a partner at WomanPlace, LLC, for which her focus is to create workshops and programs that provide pre- and post-natal wellness for mothers and mothers-to-be. She also offers her expertise in the development of women's physical, emotional, and mental health through education, programs, and personal services. With members of ACSS Transitions, she co-authored 9 Months In ~ 9 Months Out, a reference guide for mothers by mothers. The book provides answers to common questions, information, and suggestions for the first month of pregnancy through nine months after giving birth. Ms. Kirkbride currently owns Principle Health Group, which provides clients, both men and women, with an individualized approach to their health and wellness. The organization's wellness services are comprehensive and take into consideration multiple aspects of personal functioning, including physiology, psychology, and performance. Specialized testing is used to identify clients' micronutrient deficiencies and genetic variations that could have an impact on their optimal wellness. The resulting information provides clients with the knowledge needed to make empowered decisions about the best way to approach their wellness goals and to achieve positive long-term results. Ms. Kirkbride comes from a family with a long history of military service, including her father and grandfather. She also has been a military spouse for over twenty years and, as a result, understands the diverse needs of the military family member. She graduated magna cum laude with a bachelor's degree in psychology from Campbell University and a master's in rehabilitation counseling from East Carolina University.