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Books by Shalini Damodaran

  • Dad and I

    Dad and I is a personal story framed within a historical and cultural context, spanning three generations. Follow a daughter’s quest to understand her dad as he lies unconscious in a hospital bed. From his stories about his early immigrant life, he provides her with the inspiration and impetus to take a leap into the unknown and discover her creative side. Dad and I pauses and ponders on the meaning of life, death, consciousness and unconsciousness. It takes us into a world of dreams, ghosts and spirits, presented as extensions of unresolved issues, embedded deep in our psyche.


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Shalini Damodaran is an author, writing coach and teacher educator. She was a junior college English literature teacher for many years before becoming a teacher educator at the English Language Institute of Singapore (Ministry of Education). She is currently pursuing accreditation as a mindfulness teacher, and exploring the impact of mindfulness and meditation on journaling and story-telling because she believes in its therapeutic and healing effects.