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Books by Rosalyn Sheehy

Rosalyn is an Irish lawyer with a bee in her bonnet. Rosalyn's first book on bulimia, Loopy Loo, an autobiographical storey poem on how she beat bulimia was published in 2016. Rosalyn aims to shed some sunlight on a taboo topic, helping sufferers open up and get professional help. Rosalyn knows recovery is accompanied with a shed load of shame and awkwardness. Food Fight Club, based on the premise of the movie, is the ultimate rule book on recovery! The whole world doesn't need to know about your recovery, just a select, fun, few. We do not talk about Food Fight Club! Support groups are anonymous. Seeking help doesn't need to be terrifying once you become a fierce fighter. 20 graphic illustrated rules are to be followed meticulously, and Rosalyn promises powerful results. Once the sufferer adopts an active, rather than passive role and pulls the bull by the horns, they find the beauty and bliss of recovery. Food Fight Club also contains very useful worksheets at the back. If you suffer from Bulimia or know someone that does, you need this book!