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Books by Rodney H. Dixon

  • The Making of Atoma Merc: Fighting the Ghost of White Supremacy

    The Making of Atoma Merc: Fighting the Ghost of White Supremacy is about an identity lost and found. It is a story about the mindset of poverty and riches broken down to illustrate the negative effects of slavery. It is about a young boy that grew up encompassed by the shackles of Black stereotypes who has a solar dream. This is a story about paradise lost and paradise found. This is a book that challenges the status quo while emphasizing the climate change of social interaction. It is a must-read as we go through another era of racial tensions.

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Rodney H. Dixon is the creator of the underground album Merc the Master of Seven and the manuscript "The Cosmic Billionaires Club." His creative works are well known amongst celebrities and royalty. He is followed by thousands of people worldwide on social media for his insightful posts regarding a myriad of topics, such as business, social justice, politics, and religion. He is known as a street-legend basketball player. He left the game of hoops to work with the legendary musician Prince, and superhero characters he has created were endorsed by the late Stan Lee. News media considers his billion-dollar lawsuit against Prince controversial and bizarre. DNA testing links his ancestry to Rameses III, an ancient Egyptian pharaoh.