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Books by Rocky Atkinson

  • The Road to Recovery: Searching for Salvation


    “It’s late at night, maybe early morning. The convulsions have stopped and the hospital says I’m stabilized enough to leave. They want this addict out but I want out more. The walk home is long and I move slowly. Thoughts of detox and recovery, square one and starting over. I’m not me, not by a long shot.”


    These are the comments of one man but they are similar to those of hundreds of thousands of other men and women battling the disease of addiction. Relapse, detox, recovery, relapse, detox, recovery. And so it goes. They want to tame the demons of drugs and alcohol that rip them apart. They want to reclaim their lives. The Road to Recovery offers the hope and encouragement they beg for and deserve. In changing from lives of despair where drugs are almighty and darkness prevails, they come to believe in a true and powerful God who offers grace, mercy, love and forgiveness. A caring God who works wonders and offers peace, joy and contentment. And in serving and glorifying Him, comes salvation, an eternal life far more glorious than anything imaginable on earth. Through over 60 contemporary pieces of art, positive bible verses and writings and other touching and sometimes hard edge comments about life in recovery, The Road to Recovery delivers what we desire and need.


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Patrick was a professional artist working exclusively with Grand Image in Seattle, WA until his passing in 2012 at the age of thirty-three. His artwork was sold at Pottery Barn, Ballard Designs, Ethan Allen, and is in private and corporate collections through the USA. It's also in hotels (The Sir Francis Drake in San Francisco), on luxury yachts, in exclusive department stores (Nordstrom's), and in major hospitals, the film industry, and fine restaurants everywhere. His artwork is available through Grand Image. ____________________________  Rocky Atkinson, father of contemporary artist Patrick Atkinson, retired to the coast of North Carolina after a successful 40 year career as an insurance executive in Charlotte, NC. He cofounded two benefit consulting firms that were acquired, one by a major insurance company and the other by an international brokerage conglomerate. Upon the death of his son in 2012, he has devoted much time to working with men suffering from the disease of addiction and is currently Chairman of the Board of a Christ based recovery facility in Brunswick County, NC. He has written on the horrors of addiction for area newspapers and has spoken to churches and civic clubs about the opioid epidemic. The Road to Recovery was inspired by the life and art of his son and most of the writings reflect what Patrick might have said had he lived and the others come from 5 years in the trenches with those suffering from the disease of addiction.

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