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Books by Robert Lofthouse

  • Honor Through Sacrifice

    “A man can fight if he can see daylight down the road somewhere,” President Lyndon Johnson told a senator in March 1965. “But there ain’t no daylight in Vietnam-there’s not a bit.” Even as he said that, he was committing the first US ground combat units and initiating a massive bombing campaign in North Vietnam. Unaware of President Johnson’s private misgivings about the conflict, Gordon Lippman dutifully entered Vietnam as the 3rd Brigade/1st Infantry Division executive officer in September of that year.

    It didn’t take long for his fellow soldiers to figure out that Gordon Lippman was the man they wanted to follow into battle. Overcoming great challenges in the Army, he earned the Distinguished Service Cross and two battlefield commissions and became a hero among heroes. He focused on the mission at hand, rallied his troopers, led from the front, and dodged enemy bullets. A couple of times they hit home, but he came back to fight again! He was one of those studs to come out of small-town America and become a leading member of “The Greatest Generation.”

    This is a sweeping story on the broad landscape of twentieth-century compromise, accommodation, and conflict, from the allied war in Europe to the forgotten victory in Korea to the televised dinnertime war in Vietnam.

    Honor Through Sacrifice has recently been named an Amazon #1 New Release in Korean War Histories and a first place winner in the category Biography/Autobiography/Memoir in the 2021 Royal Dragonfly Ebook Awards.

    Honor Through Sacrifice has been named an honorable mention in the category Biography/Autobiography/Memoir in the 2022 Southern California Book Festival.

    Honor Through Sacrifice has been named a first place winner in the category Non-fiction History and a second place winner in the category Biography/Historical in the 4th Quarter 2021 Firebird Book Awards.

    Honor Through Sacrifice has been named a finalist in the category Inspirational in the 2022 Feathered Quill Book Awards.


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Robert E. Lofthouse has for four decades managed projects as an IT professional nationally and internationally while serving the business planning and delivery needs of enterprise IT projects for the nonprofit, commercial business, and government sectors.His initial professional writing experience covers more than fifty years and includes sports articles published in local and regional media from Pennsylvania to Kansas and Missouri. Honor through Sacrifice is his first publication in book form, prompted by his love of history and keen desire to extend the legacy of his subject. Rob knew Gordon because their mothers were sisters, so this story is personal.

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