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Books by Rick Taylor

  • Ida Mae: And Her Passage to Chautauqua

    Meet Ida Mae. You’ll learn to love her as she evolves from a spirited thirteen-year-old into a woman, first journeying from Mammoth Falls, West Virginia, to Pitt University on a music scholarship, and from there to Vietnam as a member of the Women’s Army Corps. After the loss of her husband in Nam, the Ball Buster’s Bash in San Francisco serves as a fine diversion, as does her experience as a salesperson at Holly’s Hat on Rodeo Drive in Hollywood, California. She arrives back home in West Virginia in time to travel with friends to Woodstock. Eventually, along with her second husband, Dennis, and her son, Adrian, she travels to Chautauqua, a gated summer resort in northwestern New York, where her adventures and those of her son continue.

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  • Curse of the Klondike

    The plan is all mapped out. Shorty and Libby, his true love, will journey to the gold fields and strike it rich together. But a handsome stranger in a tweed suit shakes the original plan to the core when he persuades Libby to stay in Skagway rather than proceed north to the Klondike with Shorty. Libby soon discovers that her new love is a master criminal by the name of Jefferson Randolph “Soapy” Smith. Convinced that Soapy has never killed anyone, Libby’s love holds until a shattering discovery is made.

    Despite their initial difficulties, Shorty and Libby marry and begin to climb the social ladder in San Francisco, soon moving into a luxurious residence on Nob Hill-just in time to experience the devastating 1906 earthquake and fire, which destroys the city and their home.

    Next comes the adventures of Libby’s son, Seth Shaw. Convinced that his thieving biological father, Soapy Smith, passed on to him a condition known as the Black Dog, Seth descends into a life of debauchery and murder-until a single incident turns his life around. Is it the Holy Spirit or a guardian angel that leads him to shed his old skin? And will it be enough to end the curse that followed his family out of the Klondike?

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Author Rick Taylor grew up in the East End of Pittsburgh and graduated from Denison University, where he majored in English with an emphasis on writing. He authored several short stories before and after transitioning to writing legal briefs following his graduation from Pitt Law School. But the writing bug never left him. His poetry has been featured in Eureka, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, The California Quarterly, and Good News, a local Shepherdstown newspaper, and he has published several collections, including Never Alone in a Cemetery, Headstone in the Headlights, and Musings Under a Buckboard. In 2005, his poem "Foxfire" was awarded third place in the 2005 Penn Writers Poetry Contest. Curse of the Klondike is his first full-length novel.

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