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Books by Richard McMaster

  • Aaron’s War

    AARON VANKO enlists to fight the Nazis, but the Iowa farm boy is conflicted over whether he can kill another human. Hours before being deployed, Aaron discovers he is a Jew, further disrupting his sense of self. Despite his moral dilemma, Aaron carries out his patriotic duty. He returns haunted by nightmares, and then flees Iowa to protect his loved ones from himself.


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Richard McMaster is the author of three novels: Voyage of Life, Shadow in the Night and Aaron’s War; and two screen plays, The Attic and Ticket to Heaven. Before embarking on a writing career, he was a health care executive, heading up three different startup companies, one of which ranked fifth largest of its kind in the United States. He is a native Iowan blessed to have lived twenty years in beautiful Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, and now in Arizona since 2006. His reading interests range widely, from classics and contemporary fiction to non-fiction, science, psychology and biography. His favorite author is Ivan Doig. He has a special interest in the World War II time period, human behavior, psychology, and physics.