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Books by Reesha Goral

  • The Servant Boy

    The Servant Boy highlights the adventures of Zayne Shah, a young man who lives through the most horrific disaster his village, Saidpur, has ever seen. An epidemic has unknowingly raged through Saidpur and is taking the lives of umpteen folk before his eyes. Zayne is determined to find a cure to the mystery, at whatever the cost may be, even if that cost is a price he cannot presently afford.

    Zayne goes through a series of ups and downs as he takes you with him, embracing life through vivid details, all of which include paradoxes that anyone from any walk of life can relate to: life and death, happiness and grief, love and envy, friendship and animosity.

    Although The Servant Boy is a multicultural novel, and will appeal to those that will enjoy learning about the colorful and vibrant culture of Pakistan, it will also enchant those who enjoy mystery, fantasy, adventure, friendship, and romance. There is something in the novel for everyone.



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Reesha Goral is a young novelist who resides in Virginia with her husband and son. Although The Servant Boy is her first novel, it had its first debut in Istanbul, Turkey where it was translated in Turkish and published under the Turkish title Uşak. her many visits to Pakistan deeply inspired The Servant Boy, especially when she engaged with an unsheltered woman, “People are dying of hunger every year. They are people with bare necessities who have to instead improvise, with barely any. And that only makes them living, lifeless people.” Her various other personal experiences, research, and imagination assembled the rest of the novel.