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Books by Ray Stukes Jr.

  • The Self-Centered Perspective: Using Self-Mastery, The Power of Introspection, and Choice to Balance Life’s Ups and Downs

    Over eight billion different humans occupy this watery blue rock we call earth. Each of us is desperately trying to find purpose, make sense of life’s inequities, build healthy relationships, and find success and financial security, all while navigating the tumultuous terrain of our own emotions and the emotions of others. We often become overwhelmed by the complexity of living, guiding our minds to a perspective rooted in negativity.


    How do we find the balance we need to live with joy? By taking an introspective approach and gaining control of our most powerful attribute: the human mind. The Self-Centered Perspective will help you achieve a higher quality of life by arming you with the understanding, confidence, positivity, and fulfillment you may not have thought possible in your life.

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Ray Stukes Jr. is the everyday man in search of joy, peace of mind, and life's silver linings amid a seemingly endless supply of difficult and unpredictable life circumstances. He is a proud son, brother, husband, and father. As a magna cum laude psychology graduate, he has discovered the mind's power to successfully navigate life's challenges through looking inward.