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Books by Peter Linkow

  • Leading Diversity for Competitive Advantage: The Twelve Strategic Competencies

    Despite investing billions of dollars, the world’s institutions are making scant progress toward the promise of diversity, equity, and inclusion. The central cause: top leaders lack the means to construct and implement comprehensive diversity strategies that are responsive to the unique circumstances of the organizations they helm.


    Leading Diversity for Competitive Advantage: The Twelve Strategic Competencies provides the evidence-based strategic models, methods, tools, and templates that top leaders require to create equity and inclusion and drive sustainable diversity competitive advantage in talent and customer markets. Peter Linkow, who has devoted his career to the study and practice of diversity and business strategy, delivers the full range of competencies that top leaders need to guide their organizations to strategic diversity success.

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Peter Linkow is the founder and chief executive of Lead Diversity, which provides consulting, research, and content development on diversity, equity, and inclusion strategy and leadership. He was previously president of WFD Consulting, a global diversity and work-life consultancy, and CEO of two organizations serving people with cognitive and mental disabilities. For the past twenty-five years, Peter has consulted, written, and spoken globally on business strategy, change management, and diversity, equity, and inclusion strategy. He received his MBA from Harvard Business School as well as graduate degrees in educational policy and psychology from Harvard and Indiana Universities respectively. Peter earned his BA from DePauw University.