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Books by Paula D. Henry

  • Unexpected Prescriptions: A Pharmacist’s Journey to Health

    We are constantly bombarded with commercials telling us we need prescription medications to feel well. Unexpected Prescriptions was written to let people know there are other choices.

    Take the journey with Paula Henry as she transitions from being a pharmacist in mainstream medicine to being a free thinker and horse whisperer. Travel with her as she survives being trampled by a stallion, falls in love, and gets married. When medical issues arise and mainstream medicine has only prescription drugs to offer, her journey into the world of alternative health begins, for herself and her animals. Join in Paula’s rebellion as she refuses to take drugs to cover up the symptoms of her mystery illness, instead demanding to know what is wrong. Learn from her example as she discovers how to successfully bring her body, mind and spirit back to a state of health.

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Paula Henry holds a pharmacy degree from the Ohio State University and practiced as a registered pharmacist for many years in Ohio and California. A series of health problems in herself and her animals led to exploration of more natural ways to assist the body in healing, instead of just covering up symptoms. She currently operates a biofeedback/bio-resonance device to help people and animals regain their health. Paula enjoys educating people about the barriers to good health that are not talked about in mainstream medicine. She also shares ideas on how to allow vibrant health to be restored to both people and animals. She has a website, pauladhenry.com, where she shares information freely with the public. She lives in Cape Charles, Virginia, along with her dog and horse.