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Books by Ophera Davis

  • The Overlooked Voices of Hurricane Katrina: The Resilience and Recovery of Mississippi Black Women

    Hurricane seasons have become overactive since 2005 when Hurricane Katrina hit. The only longitudinal study on a single group of women disaster survivors in America, The Overlooked Voices of Hurricane Katrina brings overlooked voices to the forefront as these women share their stories and strategies of survival and recovery before, during, and after Katrina. Using narrative theory and author Alice Walker’s “womanist” orientation, these empowered women provide, in their own words, lessons learned and strategies for how to rebuild one’s life after disasters.

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Dr. Ophera A. Davis is an author, independent scholar, and twenty-year affiliate faculty member who has taught in African studies and psychology departments at colleges in Boston. She earned a bachelor's and master's degree from an HBCU, Jackson State University, and her PhD is from Saint Louis University. Dr. Davis's first article on Hurricane Katrina survivors was published in the Harvard Journal of Public Policy. Professor Davis has given talks on Hurricane Katrina survivors internationally at Oxford University, and in China, Australia, and Africa. Dr. Davis grew up in the Mississippi Delta, one of the poorest areas in America.