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Books by Omar Tyree

  • Sneaker Kings

    Enter the overzealous world of three young sneakerheads, The Beast Team from Glendale, Arizona, who rise to national popularity and land in New York City to find their fortune. Led by the ingenious young shoe fanatic and dealmaker, Brandon Jenkins, the crew travels the country in search of the hottest, new, out-of-stock and rare models of shoes to buy, sell or trade at national sneaker conventions. Brandon happens to be the nephew of former NBA player Paul “Three-Ball” Weiller, who introduced him to dozens of professional basketball players, all who signed pairs of their endorsed shoes for the young fanatic. With his best friend, Leon, and first recruit, Simba, the young and ambitious crew are on a mission to brand themselves as the hottest shoe-game icons in the country, while attending concerts, basketball games and enjoying shopping malls and sneaker events. The Sneakers Kings is a first of its kind and a novel series that is sure to spread like wildfire amongst those who love a timely young read … and sneakers.

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  • The Traveler: Welcome to Dubai

    From New York Times bestselling author Omar Tyree, comes The Traveler: Welcome to Dubai, part two of a book series about culture, romance and endless excitement.

    When American Gary Stevens decides to explore the immaculate tourism haven of Dubai in the Middle East, he finds much more than he bargained for. Plans for a peaceful and harmless visit to the exotic land of seven-star hotels, international culture, food and shopping, quickly change when Gary attracts the attention of a beautiful, rebellious and enticing Muslim woman. Gary stumbles into a violent labor revolt triggered by the death of a poor immigrant construction worker, who falls from one of Dubai’s hundreds of fast-developing buildings.

    The exploitation of thousands of disposable immigrant laborers emboldens an Egyptian revolutionary to seek vengeance for the greed and inhumane practices of Dubai’s business elite Arab Emirates. Meanwhile, the outspoken wife of Dubai’s youngest and most successful business leaders inspires an insurgence of young Muslim women—they seek empowerment, education and the freedom to pursue true love and romance.

    Gary becomes entangled in the uprising when the radicals take hundreds of international tourists hostage at the same hotel where Gary is staying. To make matters worse, these zealots include the older brother of the beautiful Muslim woman who has fallen for Gary.

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  • The Traveler: No Turning Back

    Gary Stevens is a handsome American who restlessly travels the world in search of purpose, peace of mind, world culture and unconditional love. Skipping from continent to continent, our globe-trekking explorer can’t seem to keep his nose out of helping misfortunate victims. Gary is motivated to avenge the vicious murders of his mother and his best friend to random acts of terrorism. Through an inheritance of wealth, the guidance of a sexy and dangerous mentor, and a mysterious father he has never met, “The Traveler” transforms from a brash frat boy into a thoughtful man and a fearless hero, willing to eliminate anyone who stands in his way.

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Omar Tyree, a New York Times bestselling author and a 2006 Phillis Wheatley Literary Award-winner for Body of Work in Fiction, has been cited in 2009 by the City Council of Philadelphia for his work in literacy, and has published 18 books with 2 million copies sold worldwide. With a degree in print journalism from Howard University in 1991, Tyree has been recognized as one of the most renowned contemporary writers in America. He is also an informed and passionate speaker on various community-related and intellectual topics. Now entering the world of literacy programs, business seminars and feature filmmaking, Tyree is a tireless creator and visionary of few limitations.

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