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Books by Nick Cidado

  • Sweat More During Peace, Bleed Less During War: Preparation Tactics that Generate Success by Nick Cidado

    Prepare to win!


    You don’t rise to the level of your desired performance; you fall to the degree in which you have prepared. Have you ever wondered why you make a mistake when the pressure is on, forget about timely deadlines, or feel like you are just barely getting by? Your potential has been hindered by your inability to prepare, which has left every outcome in your life entirely up to chance.


    Sweat More During Peace, Bleed Less During War offers a step-by-step, tactical blueprint that will reshape the way you think about preparation and give you the tools and techniques to transform your own approach. Each lesson delivers a direct application to sports, business, school, relationships, and general life. Whether you are an athlete looking to win a championship, an employee trying to earn a promotion, or an individual attempting to regain control of your day-to-day life, absorb and then implement these tactics in order to generate success that lasts.

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Nick Cidado is an established strength and conditioning coach who has a passion for preparing athletes to perform at their greatest potential. He has worked with thousands of athletes over the course of his career, ranging from professionals down to the youth levels. In his current role at Boston College, he has been a part of multiple championships and has coached numerous nationally recognized, award-winning athletes. Certified through the National Strength and Conditioning Association, he has earned multiple master’s degrees that include exercise and sport science, as well as leadership and administration. Before Boston College, he coached at Harvard University and various other private-sector performance centers. He and his family currently reside in Boston, Massachusetts.

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