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Books by Misty J Moreton

  • Alcohol Memoirs

    Remember that one company Christmas party where you drank twelve shots of tequila and three Long Island Iced Teas? And then ended up dancing naked on the conference table, only to pass out face-first in your boss’s wife’s lap? And remember later that year, when your co-workers brought it up in front of the new hires, and you blushed red, even though deep down you were secretly proud? The Alcohol Memoirs are true stories that will enlighten you—about the Gin-&-Tonic-fueled double-life of your swinger neighbors, the math club’s assistant organizer back in high school, those people your parents play bridge with every month, your sister’s lecherous yuppie tennis teacher, and that mysterious guy ahead of you ringing a dozen red roses through the fifteen items or less grocery line. These are wickedly delicious stories told by regular people who lost their inhibitions and found their secret selves. Welcome to The Alcohol Memoirs. Drinks are on us.


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Misty J Moreton is a professional party entrepreneur, alcohol enthusiast, and nicotine connoisseur. She lives in Southern California in the country with some eclectic roommates, her preteen prodigal savant, 13 chickens, 2 dogs, and a tortoise. She ranks in the top 10 Jugador de Genio blackjack players, turned down a full ride scholarship in billiards, has been called the black widow of electronics, is known to multi-task up to 14 different activities to half-completion, and is incredibly well-read in topics such as polygamy, Munchausen by proxy, and forensic pathology. She is a political junkie and a self taught gourmet cook. In addition to writing The Alcohol Memoirs, her bradycardian, high-tech press releases have been published by The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Bangladeshi News, and The Hindustan Times, as well as some other high profile publications. She runs a blog for her contributors and subscribers and a 24/7 Twitter account. She is currently working on the 6th book in The Alcohol Memoirs series and will be accepting international submissions from other countries famous for alcohol consumption, such as Australia, Scotland, and Ireland.