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Books by Mike Herron

  • The Book of Testosterone

    The Book of Testosterone is a treasure trove of humorous, thought-provoking quotes, euphemisms, clichés, and opinions useful in shaping real men. Some are well-known, others have been handed down by unknown men from the past. Don’t miss this timeless wisdom from the hearts and minds of testosterone-driven men, the perfect gift for women to give their guys and for guys to give themselves.

    Featuring Male Wisdom on: Attitude, Strength, Toughness, Respect, Effort, Drinking, Hunting, Fishing, Fighting, Women, Work, Nature, Competition, Sports, Learning, Survival, Fun, Games, Leadership, and much more.

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Mike Herron is the son and grandson of renowned adventurers, and an accomplished big game hunter and worldwide angler. He is also a founding member of one of the top rugby clubs in America, the Norfolk City Blues, and he continues to play actively with the Cardinals R.F.C., the top masters club in the United States. Herron is a media executive and lives with his wife in Virginia Beach, Virginia.