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Books by Mike Adams

  • Billy Bullshit Talks Business

    In a nutshell? Billy talks total bullsh*t at work and this book makes sense of it. Kapish?

    Billy Bullshit is a self-proclamined marketing genius. In his role as ‘Chief Guru of Imagineering” he only ever talks using the latest buzzwords, business idioms and bullshit phrases. Pop that in your mental microwave and see how it defrosts!

    We see Billy in 52 hilarious business scenarios—on a conference call, giving a speech at a conference, running a brainstorming session, etc. This ladders up the cliched business speak, takes it to the next level and knocks it out of the ballpark. Boom!

    Do you know someone like Billy in your office? Maybe you even see a little bit of Billy in yourself? Either way Billy Bullshit is going to make you laugh and cringe in equal measure. And that’s no bullshit.


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My domain of expertise lies in advising CEOs on how to scale and grow their business-I have clients all over the globe giving me exposure to a broad set of market and business conditions but also plenty of 'lingo' to draw from! I published a business book in 2015, The Intrepid CEO-How Bold Leaders Future-proof Sales & Drive Profit-which I crowd-funded and successfully reached the funding goal in the first day. This is a great platform to build from. Additionally, I get to speak at conferences on business and sales adding to my brand position in market. As a consultant I am surrounded by peers using nonsensical, business rhetoric constantly . . . this book is a good self-effacing jibe.