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Books by Michael Coccari

  • It’s Good to Say Thank You

    Expressing gratitude can serve as a catalyst to intensify the meaning of our past and transform the trajectory of our future. rough the simple act of writing letters, It’s Good to Say Thank You demonstrates how we can discover the profound blessings in our relationships and experiences, which can then propel us to lead more meaningful and fulfilling lives. Michael Coccari shows how expressing appreciation and gratitude to key people in our lives enables us to uncover important life lessons that deepen and renew our identity, values, strengths, and aspirations. This book provides an accessible way to recharge our belief in ourselves, validate the significance of our past, and brighten the possibilities of our future.

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MICHAEL COCCARI has spent more than three decades teaching English, first in Osaka, Japan, and then in a public high school in California's Central Valley. His proudest professional achievement is helping adolescents, the majority of whom were studying English as a second language, find their voices and develop their competency as writers, deepen their humanity and values through the study of literature, and discover life directions. Cancer Fight, his memoir detailing his wife's courageous seven-year battle against stage 4 breast cancer and his experience as caregiver, was a subject on the Daily Spark show hosted by Dr. Angela Chester; a segment on an affiliate of CBS Newsin Bakersfield, CA; and an article in Tehachapi News. It's Good to Say Thank You is his second memoir.