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Books by Michael A. Sisti

  • On the Brink

    Life hasn’t been easy for Dave Powers. He’s lived through a violent loss, witnessed brutal vengeance, been forced to retreat from his city home to a secluded Adirondack cabin, and survived a tragic hiking accident. Still, he’s endured and made a life for himself, building a thriving local business out of nothing. But after years sheltered in a small-town, Dave finds himself falsely accused of attempted murder and must flee an angry mob, leaving his torched home and livelihood behind.

    Alone and back in New York City with only the clothes on his back, Dave channels the natural entrepreneurial spirit he’s cultivated since childhood. Coupling his business acumen with his design talent, he jumps into the fast-paced and exciting world of advertising during the Mad Men era. But despite his early achievements, he struggles with the alcohol-fueled, nepotistic bureaucracy and endeavors to protect his boss, the only woman in the male-dominated C-suite, whom he’s fallen in love with. Can Dave find happiness as he chases his dreams of romance and a thriving business? Or are his scars too deep to overcome?

    On the Brink is a fast-paced, humor-laced look at the human spirit’s capacity for growth amid lessons learned about business, disappointment, perseverance, and love.


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Michael A. Sisti is an author, branding and marketing consultant, and serial entrepreneur, having founded over twenty-five companies since age eleven. An International Book Award winner for his debut novel, Executive Crumple Zone, he has published five other novels, three humor books, and a popular self-help book. He recently co-authored a pilot for a TV drama series, and he provides design, editing, and production advice for several other authors.

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