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Books by Melinda Rainey Thompson

  • If I Were The Boss of You: A Southern Woman’s Guide to the Sweet Life

    “Always bet on a smart, older woman. We rarely pick a fight we can’t win.”

    If I Were The Boss of You contains charming reflections, funny observations, and nagging worries we all share about our day-to-day existence. Who we are, what’s important to us, and the small choices we make every day determine the course of our lives. Thompson utilizes her own brand of self-deprecating humor to ponder age-old, big-life questions. “A Chromosomal Point of View,” “The Fake Eulogy,” and “A Smack Down by Jesus” will make you laugh out loud. “Tiny Indignities” will make you cry. “Angels and Aliens” will keep you up in the wee hours wondering what will become of us. No Southern nostalgia, magnolias and moonlight, or voodoo queens here. This is a twenty-first-century, bossy Southern woman’s take on real life.


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Melinda Rainey Thompson is the best-selling author of SWAG: Southern Women Aging Gracefully, The SWAG Life, I've Had It Up To Here With Teenagers, and I Love You-Now Hush. This Southern writer, humorist, and mother of three has been a staple on the ladies-who-lunch speaking circuit for the past decade. She teaches writing at Birmingham-Southern College, freelances for magazines, and speaks to all manner of gala, conference, fundraiser, luncheon, and dinner attendees around the country. She sees herself as a spokesperson for her people: women, mothers, Southerners, and writers of every genre from grocery lists to Great American Novels.

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