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Books by Mary DeJong

  • Through a Daughter’s Eyes

    What do you say when someone apologizes for the death of your dad? “It seemed like we were watching a sad movie that we were really invested in, but it could be turned off by the click of a remote. Life would automatically switch back to normal, and everything would be okay again. Looking into the faces of my best friends, I saw that it wasn’t going to happen.” Thirteen-year-old Mary, the middle of three girls, tells the raw and honest account of her family’s journey when her dad is diagnosed with cancer. Through a Daughter’s Eyes is a heart-wrenching true story about family, strength, and persevering through hardship.


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Mary DeJong is a high school English teacher in Denver, Colorado, and she writes stories during her plan periods. After graduating high school in West Fargo, North Dakota, Mary received her bachelor's degree in English Education at Minot State University in 2015. While she has been writing throughout her life, this is Mary's first published work. She lives with her husband who keeps her company exploring used bookstores, discovering new hiking trails in the Rocky Mountains, and supporting the Denver Nuggets.