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Books by Marshall Highet

  • Blue-Eyed Slave

    IT IS 1764 IN CHARLES TOWN, SOUTH CAROLINA, and Harry’s school for enslaved children has been in full swing for twenty years, despite the Negro Act of 1740. An enslaved person himself, Harry finds an unlikely ally in Hannah, a young Jewish girl from town who tutors Bintü, a recent acquisition of the prominent Reverend and Mistress Harte.

    But his school begins to feel the pressure as political winds shift and the Stamp Act causes revolt, uproar, and armed protests. Caught in the crossfire of impending revolution and increased animosity towards an educated enslaved population, Harry-and ultimately the two girls-will find their faith and integrity sorely tested.

    With relentless attention to historical accuracy, Blue-Eyed Slave levels an unflinching gaze at the cruelties of enslavement and shows that although human cruelty may be universal, the same is true for kindness and bravery.

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MARSHALL HIGHET has previously published several novels and a short story: Spare Parts, a YA science-fiction novel based on real science; Modified, chapters of which were serially published in Realm, a science-fiction and fantasy literature magazine; and "Fetch," a short story that will appear in Skelos, a science-fiction and dark fantasy fiction publication. Marshall also wrote the foreword to the republished novels of Helen MacInnes, an espionage writer of the 1950s, '60s, and '70s.