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Books by Mark Mansfield

  • Scars Run Deep

    Emily is an innocent 15 year old who knows little of the harsh world around her. Protected by her best friend, she has a unique ability to switch off from the world around her. After an arson attack on her school, she is betrayed, even by her best friend. Despite her ability, she is unable to deny the events unfolding before her and must take an emotional journey of betrayal, perseverance and trust. Emily discovers that she can trust no-one, including those in authority, and learns that the aim of this cruel world is to take advantage of her vulnerability. Her innocence shattered, she hits rock bottom and faces a decision that no-one should have to make on their own. Ultimately she can cope no more and asking for help seems her only option. Carried by her strength of character and an unseen guiding hand, Emily is destined for more than the world would want for her. This moving and often sad story of injustice, hurt and betrayal will rekindle the hope within us all.

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Mark Mansfield and his wife were professional foster parents for over five years, taking in teenagers who had been either abused or on remand from court. This gave them experience within the court and social services system in the UK. Their success and failures with multiple teenagers, plus five of their own, have helped Mansfield understand the trials of young adults.