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Books by Mario Rutledge

  • No Gun Intended

    No Gun Intended follows seventeen-year-old Ian Moss, who, after years of homeschooling, is encouraged by his mother and his therapist to attend his final year of high school in person to prepare him for college and adulthood. Though excited to embark on this new journey, Ian soon discovers the difficulty of trying to maintain his mental health as he deals with the politics and societal aspects of high school. And as a new millennium approaches and graduation nears, things take a dark turn for the worst once Ian shows up to school with an assault rifle.

    This offbeat work of fiction serves as a disturbing reminder of the reality society faces regarding gun violence and the role of mental health, simultaneously providing an entertaining view of an adolescent fish-out-of-water experience.

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Mario Rutledge is an American writer born in Columbia, South Carolina. He graduated from the Los Angeles Film School in 2009 and served a term in the United States Navy shortly after. He continued his education by obtaining his bachelor's degree from Ashford University. This is his debut novel.