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Books by Mario Busacca

  • The Chase Study Guide: Revealing the 3G Lifestyle for the Christian Life

    This study guide is written for members of small groups who come together to experience what Tony Hunter, the main character in The Chase, experienced: friends who will accept you as you are; friends who will listen to your story with no judgment; friends who will respond to you with truth and love. It lays out these principles and allows for differing points of view to be developed and analyzed in a forum of learning and personal growth.

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  • The Chase: a novel

    The Chase is a story about a man who has been poisoned against religion but who, unknowingly, is desperate to find a meaningful relationship with God. His quest to find purpose and meaning is influenced by his wife, his best friends, and a pastor he meets along the way. The Chase leads the reader through some pivotal decisions and provides a simple structure, called the 3-G lifestyle, for living the Christian life. It is fun to read but also profoundly challenging for the person who wants to be “right with God.”

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Mario Busacca is the owner of KeyStone Strategies, a leadership consulting firm that specializes in helping people reach their full potential through an understanding of leadership skills. His over thirty-five years with NASA provide him with insight into teams and relationships. As a former religious skeptic, he brings the perspective of the unbeliever to this work. Mario is a quiet, well-mannered person-when he's asleep. The remainder of the time, he is busy teaching Improv, writing and learning the fine art of cooking.