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Books by Marilyn Laken

  • I’ve Never Been Old Before: A Practical Guide to Aging

    Based on the latest research on aging, along with hundreds of interviews and focus groups with retirees ages sixty-five to ninety-five, Marilyn Laken has written a comprehensive guide to living into old age. Her unique background as a nurse and a biological anthropologist provides a rich context to topics such as why we age, the role that culture plays in how older adults are treated, and even what kind of ancestor we want to be. She covers everything from early retirement to end of life. As Marilyn explains, “Aging is biological and cultural. It is a time of discovery and a time of loss. Most of us are unprepared.”  From the biology of aging to dealing with ageism and making decisions about where and how to live and what to do with our stuff, this book covers it all.

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Marilyn Laken, PhD, RN, has published over 100 research articles and chapters, testified before Congress, and was interviewed on radio and television on topics related to health and access to health care. She currently lives in a continuing care retirement community in Asheville, North Carolina, to be free of the responsibilities of home ownership and to learn firsthand about the biology and culture of aging.