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Books by Marci Wolff Ober

  • The KrazyGirl (& Guy) Parent Survival Guide: Helping Your Child of Any Age Thrive with Mental Health Challenges

    “It was the dead of winter when fourteen-year-old

    Courtney ran away from home. She snapped and rushed from the house in the middle of a family movie night, during a raging snowstorm, after dark in her socks . . .”

    Marci believed that her “krazy” past was far behind, until the torch was unknowingly passed to her daughter, Courtney. Navigating the road out of KrazyLand as a mom would be the most difficult and important challenge of her life.

    Any parent who has stayed up until sunrise, frantically searching the internet for information about their child’s severe mood swings, suicidal thoughts, or other concerning behaviors, will welcome this easy-to-understand and practical guidebook. Written from three unique and interconnected vantage points-Marci, a seasoned therapist and warrior mom; Courtney, a sensitive teen growing up in the social media spotlight; and an inspiring selection of leading medical and wellness professionals-The KrazyGirl (& Guy) Parent Survival Guide is the definitive compass and road map out of the darkness, toward a lifetime of satisfying and sustainable mental health and wellness.

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Marci Wolff Ober, LMFT, is a licensed marriage and family therapist who for thirty years has worked with a wide variety of clients, in roles ranging from family therapist to clinical director of a major psychiatric hospital, and is also a certified yoga teacher. For the past twenty years she has concentrated her efforts on her private practice while raising her family in northern New Jersey. Marci and her daughter, Courtney, founded the KrazyGirl Project in 2020, whose mission is to bust mental health stigma and provide effective mental wellness strategies, free of charge, worldwide.