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Books by M. E. Nordstrom

  • Show & Tell: Memoirs of an Older Parent

    A book about doing it all wrong from the beginning.

    We all make mistakes. Raising little ones is never easy. Especially when entering parenthood at fifty-something. Show & Tell explores the daily life of being an “old dad” and answers questions that many new fathers are afraid to ask, such as “What’s left?” and “What’s my role here again?” And most importantly, “WHAT is that SMELL???” Whether you’re an old parent, young parent, or just someone looking to validate their decision to never have children, this book is for you.


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Michael E. Nordstrom entered parenthood just like any other father, except for one major difference. He was over fifty years old. This is Michael's debut book. He holds an MBA from Purdue University and lives in Indiana with his wife and two children.