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Books by Lynn Haraldson

  • An Obesity of Grief

    Nineteen years old with an eleven-day-old baby, Lynn Haraldson’s world shatters when her husband, Bruce, is killed in a tractor-train collision.

    She clings to the myth that time will heal her pain, but unacknowledged trauma informs many of her decisions, including an unplanned pregnancy and remaining in an abusive relationship. After two failed marriages and gaining and losing more than a hundred pounds twice, a health scare forces her to confront her grief.

    Those in mourning often seek assurance that how they respond to grief also rings true for others. An Obesity of Grief challenges the false narrative that grief has a timeline and explores common reactions, offering hope that grief and love can live side by side.


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Lynn Haraldson is a freelance writer, blogger, and award-winning former columnist and lifestyles editor. Her first book, Common Ground: Writings on Family, Change, Loss & Resilience, is a memoir combining essays of her past work. Her blog Lynn's Weigh was featured in People magazine. She was subsequently a guest on Today, Entertainment Tonight, Oprah, CNN, and 60 Minutes Australia.She received a BA in English at age thirty-eight, and an MA in literature and composition at fifty-five. She has served as a writing mentor for the Minnesota Prison Writing Workshop and at Pine Grove, where she was editor of the inmate-written newsletter, The Grove.A Minnesota native and grandmother of four, Lynn lives in rural western Pennsylvania with her partner and her dog, Zuzu, an optimistic Frenchie mix. More information and her blog can be found at www.lynnharaldson.com.