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Books by Luke Bencie

  • The Clandestine Consultant

    The world is a tumultuous place, filled with war, corruption, and an evil desire for politicians, terrorists, and other underworld figures to achieve or maintain power. In the middle of this chaos is a small cadre of international consultants, who profit by brokering illicit business deals, discrediting the competition, and making “headaches” go away. In return for their services, these consultants are compensated millions of dollars, as well as provided with the most seductive perks that any king, sheik, dictator and warlord can offer. The most successful of these consultants is a man whose real identity is neither known by his clients nor the international law enforcement community. That is until the day he finds himself double-crossed by a competitor, at which point he must cooperate with the US Intelligence Community to avoid spending the rest of his life in a dark hole.

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For nearly twenty years, Luke Bencie has traveled to over 130 countries on behalf of the US Government on matters pertaining national security and intelligence. He currently serves as Managing Director of Security Management International, a global intelligence advisory firm, whose clients include Fortune 500 companies, celebrities, the USG, and foreign governments. He is the author of the books Among Enemies: Counter-Espionage for the Business Traveler and Global Security Consulting: How to Build a Thriving Practice. He is a popular speaker on the international lecture circuit, has been interviewed for numerous news outlets (both on TV and in print) and has also written dozens of articles for magazines such as Harvard Business Review, Foreign Affairs, Business Insider, and the Journal of Counterterrorism and Homeland Defense.

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