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Books by Lisa Blakely

  • If You Knew, Would You Say I Do?

    Like so many others, Laura and Jessica are hopeful, romantic, and looking for love. As luck would have it, both women find themselves swept away by the men of their dreams. But as their relationships evolve, patterns and behaviors emerge that reveal the cruelty of both men, who repeatedly force Laura and Jessica through abusive cycles of idealization, devaluation, and discard. These patterns of abuse are characteristic of narcissistic personality disorder and are a methodical attempt by those with NPD to gain full control of their unsuspecting victims and feed their insatiable need for power and dominance.


    The road to safety, freedom, and happiness is paved by education, knowledge, and support. The format of If You Knew Would You Say I Do is intended to allow readers to invest in and relate to Laura and Jessica and thereby learn how to understand and escape similar abusive relationships with narcissists.

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Lisa Blakely graduated Tulane University with a degree in communications and later received her master's in mental health and marriage and family therapy from Barry University. She has practiced as a psychotherapist for over twenty years, working with clients on a wide range of issues, including NPD and narcissistic abuse. Lisa currently lives in Florida with her family. She loves to travel, exercise, and cook cuisines from around the world. Her most important commitment is helping others recognize and escape narcissistic abuse.