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Books by Linda Lee Henderson

  • Wake Up, Mom! Can’t You See Your Son Is An Addict?

    Wake Up, Mom! is a heartbreaking story about a mother’s emotional journey through her son’s addictive years. She chronicles their family’s life and its downward spiral after a supposedly helpful prescription drug meant to aid her son’s ADHD caused a nightmarish sequence of events that nearly destroyed him.

    This tale of chaos portrays Mom’s emotional seesaw as her son experiences disaster after disaster, candidly describing the pain and the challenges they both faced in an effort to overcome his addiction. Her son had a dream. Mom was determined to try and help him achieve that dream, but she couldn’t do it on her own.

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Linda Henderson grew up in Hunterdon County, New Jersey, where she developed a love of reading and raced go-karts and built tree houses with her three brothers. She received her master's degree in education from the College of William and Mary and taught elementary school in Biloxi and Columbus, Mississippi, before moving to Bangkok, Thailand, where she taught in the International School; then she taught and worked as an administrator in the International Schools of Sao Paulo, Brazil, and Caracas, Venezuela. After returning stateside, Linda switched career paths and has worked in real estate for thirty years. Linda's love and devotion to her family has always been her first priority. When she finally recognized her son was addicted to prescription drugs she felt compelled to share her story about the unraveling of his life. After moving to Hilton Head, South Carolina, she took on the task of trying to make sense of how and why this happened. When she is not writing, selling real estate, or doing crafts with her granddaughters, Linda pretends to be good at tennis and golf and enjoys many new friendships.