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Books by Layla Lynn

  • Becoming Me, By Hand: One Woman’s Personal Process

    Becoming Me, By Hand embraces the power of intuitive writing through a combination of memoir and guided journal, blending freewriting, prose, and cultural commentary. Using wisdom gained from her own personal struggles and resulting spiritual growth, Layla Lynn has created this book for you-as both inspiration and a call to action for a more actualized life and self-awareness.

    Becoming Me, By Hand not only provides an opportunity to take responsibility for your thoughts and feelings but also ultimately helps you to find your own power in doing so.

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Layla Lynn was born in a small town in southwestern Illinois. She holds a BA in English from UCLA and an MA in English literature from California State University, Los Angeles. She taught high school English and drama in Los Angeles in the early 2000s. Layla began practicing Reiki and other energy work modalities in 2019, after discovering and realizing the healing powers of Reiki following a cancer diagnosis. She is now a Reiki master and teacher and an advanced Akashic record reading practitioner. She was introduced to the concept of intuitive writing while studying Reiki and has found it transformative in her life as well as in the lives of many of her clients. Layla currently owns and operates Awaken Reiki and Healing Center in Belleville, IL, where she resides with her son and her two dogs, Jack and Ozzy. For more information on Layla's energy work, please check out her website at www.awakenreikiandhealingcenter.com.