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Books by Larry Kokkelenberg

  • OD for the Accidental Practitioner: A Book Written by Practitioners, for Practitioners

    OD for the Accidental Practitioner provides accidental, emerging, and experienced organization development practitioners practical tips and insights on implementing any change initiative within an organization. Facilitating and sustaining successful organizational change is a graceful dance between skills and knowledge. One misstep often makes the difference in an otherwise well-planned initiative. This book gives practitioners thought-provoking insights and tools to ensure many successful change initiatives, along with lively discussion questions at the end of each chapter to encourage application of the contents.

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Lawrence Kokkelenberg and Regan Miller have had the privilege of consulting with hundreds of organizations, looking at their cultures, design, leadership, work processes, success, and failures; providing organizational, cultural, and employee assessment; and making recommendations for organizational improvements. In addition, they have designed, developed, and delivered numerous training programs to over 200,000 individuals in both public and in-house programs. Dr. Kokkelenberg has authored numerous articles, produced an audiotape series on management, and was named one of the top small-business consultants by Independent Business Magazine. Both authors have engaged in speaking events in the OD community, including serving as plenary panel members of the OD Network conference in 2018.