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Books by L.J. Litton

  • The Arcanum: Bradley Gordon’s First Adventure

    Unwittingly, Bradley Gordon and his brother, Quentin, possess latent, innate talents through a diverse international lineage. Those with these special abilities-and the elite amongst them, the Arcanums-are managed via a global network led by the Veneré, and overseen by the Chivalran Regiments established to find and deal with the reprobate Arcanums at the behest of the Veneré. Is Bradley an Arcanum, and will he live to realize the full potential of his gifts? Can he escape the clutches of his would-be overlords? His desperation leads him to an unexpected introduction and into an outpost of the subterranean fantasy world of Arcania . . . Are the Arcanians friend or foe?


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Laurie Jo Litton is an accomplished international public speaker, writer and scuba diving enthusiast.

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