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Books by Ken Coulson

  • The Arsonist

    Are there any chances left for a man who helped stoke the flames of a global financial meltdown and then reaped the rewards?


    When Cal Minor strikes bottom-losing his home, career, wonderful wife, and children-redemption appears at the elite Atlas Corp led by the corporate bull, Hank Henleman, who is hell-bent on monetizing the looming global climate catastrophe. An ambitious young prosecutor and the FBI have other ideas and Cal soon finds himself ensnared between them and Henleman’s protectors including the sadistic head of a shadowy paramilitary force, Arik Bane, and his drug-addled #2, John Ryker. Riding the razors edge, The Arsonist brings readers to the brink of calamity in an intriguing, contemporary, and revelatory debut corporate thriller.

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Ken Coulson traveled the globe in a fast-paced, over-the-top career with Wall Street's biggest banks before an epiphany during the financial crisis set him on a path of sustainability and music. He has written and released over 100 songs, many in support of climate action. Ken founded the sustainability think tank Future Bright and writes on Medium on mindfulness and the art of here and now. The Arsonist is his debut novel.

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