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Books by Kelly Rabenstein

  • Psychological Secrets for Emotional Success

    Connections give our life meaning. We can all benefit by learning to connect better at home and at work.

    Psychological Secrets for Emotional Success is like a self-help and a business EQ book made a baby. Doctor Kelly, a licensed psychologist, offers you a carefully crafted journey into growth. Joyful and easy to read, Psychological Secrets is for the person who wants to unlock their potential to find greater success by understanding what psychologists already know-in a clear, fun, conversational tone, as if you are her patient or a beloved student.

    No other book will help you take concepts normally reserved for the professionals and learn to apply them in your relationships at work and at home. Psychological Secrets for Emotional Success is filled with the lessons Doctor Kelly has gathered from her work to help you find greater satisfaction through better connections in all the areas of your life.

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Doctor Kelly is a licensed counseling psychologist. She earned a master of science in applied developmental psychology from the University of Pittsburgh, a master of arts in counseling psychology at Boston College, and a doctor of counseling psychology at Chatham University. Her focus is on relationships between people and the ability (or inability) of individuals to deeply connect through interpersonal communication.Doctor Kelly has worked in a wide range of clinical settings and as a consultant for companies who want to improve productivity through increased communication. Her writing has appeared in academic journals, magazines, online news sources, and more. She makes appearances as a mental health expert in the media, such as The Doctors TV show, Bustle, Mic, Thrive, and PopSugar. She teaches at the City University of New York as well as Purdue University.She lives in Charleston, SC, with her daughters, a golden retriever, and her familiar, a black kitty named Friend.For more information go to www.kellydoc.com.