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Books by Katie Ogeyi Odey

  • Bouquet of Dandelions

    Nigerian-born Selma realizes her dream of becoming a journalist and creates her own column focusing on women’s issues. She proves that she has the stamina to function in the fast-paced world of news writing and reporting. Selma maintains a balance of tough love and empathy with her teenage daughter, Kendra, and supports her friends through their challenges, as they help her through her own. “Do not underestimate the power of friendship among ladies,” Selma says. “We are a pack of mama bears, and we know how to take care of our own.” Bouquet of Dandelions explores women’s issues like careers, marriage, relationships, domestic violence, divorce, friendships and family structure in general.


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Katie Ogeyi Odey is a mother, a teacher, an adjunct professor, and an author. She was born in Nigeria, and she moved to the United States in the early part of 1990. She lived in Durham, New Hampshire in the mid 90s. While in New Hampshire, she created a storytelling program for children and shared her knowledge of African folklore, literature, and culture through storytelling and workshops. In 1998 she won an excellence award from Greensboro Community Television in North Carolina for the production of Moonlight Tales. She currently resides in Montgomery County, Maryland, where she works as an 8th Grade English teacher for Montgomery County Public Schools. She ran a school newspaper and had an opportunity to teach journalism. Her involvement with the News Papers in Education, NIE, through the Washington Post has created opportunities for her students get involved with current events. During the 2012 Election season, her Sixth-grade students wrote letters to the Washington Post Kidspost and shared their opinions about the negative ads by presidential candidates, Governor Romney and President Obama. Their article was published on November 6, 2012. She is an adjunct professor at Montgomery College. In 2013 she was nominated by the Montgomery College Reading coordinators and recognized for her outstanding work as an Adjunct Faculty. Bouquet of Dandelions is her third novel.