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Books by Ms. Karen Pollard

  • It’s So Silly I Can Read It

    We have all heard “Laughter is the Best Medicine”, but did you know that laughter can also be the best teacher?

    When we laugh more…We Feel Better! We Think Better! We Become Better!

    It’s So Silly I Can Read It teaches the alphabet through alliteration, with outrageous characters and  vibrant illustration.

    So, let the learning and laughter begin!


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Karen Pollard is an exciting new author, that lends 20 years of experience in the pre-school area of education. While observing the struggles and challenges of learning to read, she began to develop her own style of teaching. Ms. Karen made up ridiculous sentences, interactive games, and vibrant characters that the students loved to remember! She quickly became known as the "Silly Goose Teacher". Through her "So Silly" style, coupled with alliteration and memorization, her student's progress was obvious and consistently amazing. Learning became fun, so the foundation was built for them to succeed in their learning experiences.