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Books by Joshua Fagan

  • Misdial

    A young man obsessed with dragging his family from rags to riches. A young woman willing to sacrifice the same luxury to restore a sense of family. A businessman ready to give up everything for a chance to gain more. When Calvin finds a phone that can call into the past, all three lives converge.

    While the phone’s creator, Monty, built the device for altruistic purposes, his wealthy brother and benefactor, Rob, had other plans, and so Monty fled—only to be robbed and killed in front of his daughter.

    Many years later, Calvin finds the phone in a Los Angeles pawnshop and soon discovers its unique abilities. Although the phone proves to be Calvin’s ticket to riches, he finds himself dialling his way to safety when he learns Rob will stop at nothing to obtain the phone—even if it means prying it from Calvin’s cold, dead hands.

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Joshua Fagan is an eight-time award-winning writer who has been active in the film, television, and production industry since 2014. Earning his bachelor’s degree in media production at Ryerson University, Joshua has been both behind and in front of the camera. His professional résumé includes on-set credits with Disney, the American Heroes Channel, TD Bank, A&W, Endbridge Energy, and more.

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