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Books by Jose Mercado Ventura

  • Queen of Heaven

    Michael Acosta is no stranger to heartache and misery; in fact, he resides there. Widowed and self-loathing, he has trudged through life since his wife’s death, looking for a way to cope with the pain.


    In 2092, anyone who wants to start a new life is not limited to Earth. Now all of space lies within grasp. And so he wonders: Could something drastic bring him happiness? If Michael could hold back his indecisiveness long enough to board a flight to Mars, he might put to rest the racing thoughts. In the meantime, he stares into the heavens, watches rockets take off, and wonders what lies in store for him beyond his fears.

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Jose Mercado Ventura is a student majoring in biology and computer and information science. When he is not studying or working, he loves to learn new skills and further his knowledge of other sciences and math. He also loves the arts and writes songs for and plays guitar and piano. And he writes whenever there is a spark of inspiration for a new story.

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