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Books by John R. Gerdy

  • The Journey of an Old White Dude in the Age of Black Lives Matter: A Primer

    Whether as an individual, business, or organization, we are all somewhere along a developmental continuum relating to issues around race. In The Journey of an Old White Dude in the Age of Black Lives Matter: A Primer, John Gerdy educates and challenges us to move a bit further along that continuum.

    While POC should occupy the majority of space to articulate these issues, there is only so much Black people can tell White people about them. To that end, Gerdy writes specifically as one old White dude directly to other White folks, with a profound sense of respect and humility.

    If you are considering embarking on a similar journey of understanding and action, Gerdy provides a story and path that will resonate. This is a book of real-life experiences, research conducted, lessons learned, issues analyzed, and resources provided, ending with an inspirational call to action.

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Dr. John R. Gerdy serves as founder and executive director of Music for Everyone (MusicForEveryone.org), a nonprofit dedicated to cultivating the power of music as an educational and community-building tool in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. John was an All-American basketball player for Davidson College and played a year professionally. He formerly served at the NCAA and as associate commissioner of the Southeastern Conference and has written extensively on the educational and economic exploitation of the Black athlete.