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Books by John Fergusson

  • King Solomon’s Deadly Legacy: A Novel

    King Solomon of Israel left a time bomb we’re ignoring.

    British scientist and atheist Simon Archer heads to Malaysia seeking a cure for his daughter’s leukemia. But he finds himself trapped in the time of King Solomon among a people who love God. Shocked by their primitive faith, Simon’s worldview is further challenged when his knees are healed through prayer.

    Traveling from past to present, no one believes his story, and his family disintegrates. Can he save his daughter and his marriage?

    Meanwhile, Solomon’s faith fractures, leaving a legacy with even greater stakes—a parallel, Simon discovers, that is killing millions today. Will they listen?

    Or is the only lesson we learn from history that we never learn from history?


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A former director for Reinhard Bonnke and founder of JF Ministries, John Fergusson has witnessed millions come to Christ. His nonfiction books include Authority, Holy Fire, and Heal the Sick, commended as biblical, insightful, and clear. His first novel, Flies in a Window, was shortlisted for the Athanatos Christian Fiction prize. He spent five years researching King Solomon’s Deadly Legacy, including two trips to Israel. He and his wife live in Auckland, New Zealand.