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Books by Joe Svoboda

  • Brothers, Bears, and Beers: A Memoir of Friendships, Adventures, and Mishaps

    Brothers, Bears, and Beers is the rollicking true story of adventures while big-game hunting in Alaska, fishing on remote Canadian lakes, canoeing in Missouri, exploring the Florida Keys, and attending college in the early 1970s. This humorous memoir covers just three years, but what years they were! Think The Adventures of Tom SawyerForrest Gump, and A Walk in the Woods, with a few Animal House pranks thrown in.

    The story opens in remote Alaska when college buddy Ray accidentally discharges his rifle narrowly missing the author’s ear on the first day of a caribou hunt. From there, the tales grow ever livelier and more surprising. Brothers, Bears, and Beers is a winsome story unlike any other. Join in on the adventures as good friends tumble into trouble but get out on a laugh and a prayer!

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Joe Svoboda has completed a thirty-eight-year career as a petroleum exploration geologist/geophysicist. He has published and presented several technical articles to his peers and was a past chairman of the Fort Worth, Texas chapter of the Society of Independent Professional Earth Scientists. He enjoys tennis, hiking, and fishing. He and his wife divide their time between Washington and Florida.