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Books by Jennifer Shupert

  • Cooperative Communication: Tips to Improve Coparenting

    When parents of minor children divorce or separate, they don’t get to just walk away from each other forever. They must still communicate in order to best care for their children. Unfortunately, conversations, texts, and emails can be weighed down by years of animosity or distrust, then scrutinized by lawyers or judges as “proof” of how the parents are getting along.


    The concepts contained in Cooperative Communication are simple, practical, and easy to apply. These guidelines will help parents communicate more effectively and feel confident that their communication style is appropriate.

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Jennifer B. Shupert has been an attorney since 2003 and has used her degree in family studies and child development, with a minor in psychology, from Oklahoma Christian University as well as her juris doctorate from Regent University School of Law to specialize in family law. In 2022, Jennifer was appointed as a judge for the Virginia Beach Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court. She has been a speaker on various topics related to family law and has been active in multiple professional organizations. She was selected as a Top Lawyer of Coastal Virginia from 2018 to 2022 and as a Super Lawyer from 2019 to 2022. Jennifer is married and has two children.